Euro 2012 country guides – Group D

Immediately identify which Olisadebe players are taking part in Poland and Ukraine, with these useful country guides.

The guides do not include players not travelling to the tournament.

‘TB’ denotes forfeit player awarded under the Titus Bramble Ruling.


Hart, J GK Hoodyanika Bolokov £14m
Jones, P DF Just Put Warsaw £5m
Johnson, G DF Everybody Gdansk Now £7m
Cole, A DF Bwing on the Euwos £14m
Terry, J DF The Eurosceptics £11m
Young, A MF Utoya Island XI £26m
Downing, S (TB) MF Make Party £0.5m
Gerard, S MF Every Pole’s a Goal £20m
Walcott, T MF Chernobyl Forlov £5m
The Ox MF Testsiculadewland £0.5m
Carroll, A ST The Horn of Africa £12m


Lloris, H GK Every Pole’s a Goal £12m
Reveillere, A DF Make Party £0.5m
Rami, A DF Chernobyl Forlov £7m
Mexes, P DF Just Put Warsaw £8.5m
Evra, P DF Just FEMEN £9m
Ribery, F MF Bunga Bunga Euro Tour £21m
Debuchy, M MF Everybody Gdansk Now £0.5m
Nasri, S MF Utoya Island XI £16m
Malouda, F MF Don’t Know Yet £5m
Cabeye, Y MF The Eurosceptics £0.5m
Remy, L ST Hoodyanika Bolokov £0.5m
Ben Arfa, H ST Bwing on the Euwos £0.5m
Benzema, K ST Testsiculadewland £17m


Safari, B DF Chernobyl Forlov £0.5m
Mellberg, O DF Everybody Gdansk Now £12m
Olsson, M DF The Horn of Africa £7.5m
Antonsson, M DF Utoya Island XI £0.5m
Larsson, S MF Bunga Bunga Euro Tour £8.5m
Elm , R MF Bwing on the Euwos £0.5m
I, Zlatan ST Testsiculadewland £20m
Elmander, J ST Just FEMEN £7m


Pyatov, A GK Don’t Know Yet £1m
Kucher, O DF Every Pole’s a Goal £0.5m
Husyev, O MF Hoodyanika Bolokov £0.5m
Konoplyanka, Y MF Testsiculadewland £0.5m
Shevchenko, A ST Make Party £5m

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Author: The chairman

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