Tziolis ruling ‘not for footballing reasons’

FCT manager at the auction
Testiculadewland manager at the auction

TESTICULADEWLAND have lost their appeal to replace Alexandros Tziolis with another player ahead of the Emmanuel Olisadebe Euros, which start this Friday.

Tziolis has been confirmed as definitely going to not be going to the tournament in Poland and Ukraine after a public vote found 66 per cent in favour that ‘T-land’ should keep the player.

The Greek midfielder was awarded to the team as a forfeit under the Titus Bramble Ruling when their manager was found to be deliberately making illegal bids at last week’s controversial auction.

The T-land boss believes the appeal’s failure was not due to ‘footballing reasons’, and slammed rival managers as the team gathered at Victoria coach station ahead of travelling to Eastern Europe.

“I’m naturally dissapointed, but will stand by the decision, although I’m concerned that it hasn’t been made for footballing reasons.

“Testiculadewland wish to emphasise again their apology for any misunderstanding. Tactical brambling is culturally-acceptable in the land of testicles.

“Criticism from Euro Euro Bunga Tour is unfair: this is the same fella that brambled on Neil Lennon. I’m really sorry for what happened and for the disappointment I’ve caused the Kenna, and particularly to the Chairman, whom I respect and whom I love.”

 Kenna HQ claim the main reason the appeal had lost was due to managers wanting to stamp out chances of ‘tactical Brambling’ affecting future auctions.

“We’re making excellent progress establishing a Kenna Ethics Committe. FIFA have a similar mechanism, and they’re the model of integrity,” said the Chairman, from Jack Warner’s Caribbean yacht.

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Author: The chairman

Ascended to the chairmanship of the Jeff Kenna League Fantasy Football League in 2007 after co-founded the league in London in August 2005.