Kenna club guide – North east

Immediately identify Kenna players in north east Premier League clubs: Newcastle and Sunderland.


Krul, T GK Spartak Mogadishu £21m
Ferguson, S DEF Still Don’t Know Yet £1m
Santon, D DEF Sporting Lesbian £4m
Williamson, M DEF Greendale Rockets £4m
Taylor, S DEF Dynamo Charlton £5m
Simpson, D DEF FC Testicluadew £6.5m
Coloccini, F DEF Piedmonte £10m
Taylor, R MID Lokomotiv Leeds £0.5m
Marveaux, S MID Bala Rinas £2m
Gutierrez, J MID Vasco De Beauvoir £5m
Tiote, C MID Judean Peoples’ Front £0.5m
Ben Arfa, H MID Hairy Fadjeetas £6.5m
Cabaye, Y MID Woking £17m
Ba, D STR PSV Mornington £17m
Cisse, P STR Northern Monkeys £15m


Mignolet, S GK Hairy Fadjeetas £5.5m
Brown, W DEF PSV Mornington £3m
Bardsley, P DEF Headless Chickens £2.5m
Cuellar, C DEF Dynamo Charlton £4m
O’Shea, J DEF Wandsworth Window Lickers £5.5m
Johnson, A MID Piedmonte £4.5m
McClean, J MID Bala Rinas £14m
Cattermole, L MID Still Don’t Know Yet £2.5m
Sessegnon, S MID Sporting Lesbian £13m
Larsson, S MID Woking £9m
Campbell, F STR Spartak Mogadishu £0.5m

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Author: The chairman

Ascended to the chairmanship of the Jeff Kenna League Fantasy Football League in 2007 after co-founded the league in London in August 2005.