Belgians broken but Bramble Baron on brink of bumper brace

Kevin Mirallas
Kevin Mirallas scored twice to edge FC Testiculadew towards a second Kenna double (photo: deeegaogtgjg123)

KEVIN Mirallas and Christian Benteke may be a mini Belgian injury crisis for FC Testiculadew, but the club still moved one step closer to a second Kenna double in three campaigns this week with an assured display.

On his way to the physio’s bench winger Mirallas notched two goals to put the side managed by the founder of tactical Brambling both in the Canesten Combi Cup final and extend their lead over Piedmonte to 36 points.

Hopes of snatching the title at the final fence look even more remote for the Piedmonte manager even though his side put in another solid week led again by Jason Puncheon. If only he’d kept Samir Nasri – the Frenchman picked up a goal and an assist to help Bala Rinas into fourth place.

With just four weeks left of the season and relegation all but rubber stamped for the bottom three clubs, the race for the Wenger Trophy is shaping up to take centre stage in the league’s remaining narrative.

Just 30 points separate the five clubs floating around the final prize spot, and the cast are varied: Sporting Lesbian are defending champions, Team Panda Rules OK debutants and the other three managers are league committee members yet to find silverware in the quagmire of political intrigue at Kenna HQ.

Another subplot is the miraculous cup run of Northern Monkeys. The manager voiced concerns over the ability of Samuel Eto’o and Fabio Borini back in February, but the pair earned the Monkeys a place in the final at the expense of a toothless St Reatham FC.

It seems unlikely the Monkeys’ luck will continue into the pageantry of that May afternoon. With David Silva possibly out injured for the rest of the season, the midfield consists of Antonio Valencia, Stewart Downing and forfeit player Stuart Hazell.

No amount of cash in the attic could buy a goal for that lot.

Road to the Canesten Combi Cup final

Road to the Canesten Combi Cup final 2014
Road to the Canesten Combi Cup final 2014

Kenna table

Kenna week 33 - 22 April 2014
Kenna week 33 – 22 April 2014

Weekly scores

Manager Points Goals
1 Sporting Lesbian Ben M 60 5
2 KS West Green Stix 48 2
3 Bala Rinas Lewis 41 2
4 FC Testiculadew James N 41 2
5 Team Panda Rules OK George 41 1
6 Hairy Fadjeetas Aiden 37 2
7 St. Reatham FC Mike 35 0
8 Lokomotiv Leeds Ben S 34 2
9 Just put Carles Carles 30 2
10 Newington Reds Dudley 30 2
11 Northern Monkeys Hugo 30 2
12 Piedmonte Phil 30 1
13 Pikey Scum Jack 26 0
14 Dynamo Charlton Alex 25 2
15 PSV Mornington El Pons 25 0
16 Headless Chickens John N 23 1
17 Judean Peoples Front Sholto 20 1
18 Rapids De Cullons CF Jorge 17 0
19 Young Boys Denney 16 1
20 Spartak Mogadishu Abdi 16 0
21 Still Don’t Know Yet Pete 16 0
22 Dulwich Red Sox Luke 14 0
23 This is Sparta…Prague Rich 13 1
Points Player
Player of the week 24 Podolski, L – ARS – STR
Club Sporting Lesbian
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Author: The chairman

Ascended to the chairmanship of the Jeff Kenna League Fantasy Football League in 2007 after co-founded the league in London in August 2005.