Fadges comedy Said-show

It’s too early in the season to be drawing any conclusions from the Kenna League table, despite the bluster of the Young Boys manager.

Tweeting on the weekend he proclaimed himself ‘The Special One’, and while there’s no doubting he shares similar concerns of Pedro’s injury and John Terry’s decline to the Portuguese sneer, so bold a statement after a handful of of games will end up making him look ridiculous. Admittedly, that wouldn’t be hard.

So soon in the campaign, the keen follower or casual observer of the Kenna is drawn towards a manager’s misfortune, rather than his team’s overperformance before the vagaries of form and injury take their toll.

Managers take brave, but mostly foolish, decisions at the auction, only to come unstuck after a few games.

Hairy Fadjeetas are this campaign’s prime example. The manager’s strike force is the Kenna’s most successful comedy double act since the treasurer and his auction second.

To be fair, a few pints down at The Hoop and Grapes, the prospects of Saido Berahino and Karim Benzema were not wholly negative.

Berahino broke into the England squad last year, although that’s more due to a dearth of Three Lions strikers in the post-Owen era than any great shakes on the young striker. However, he still showed promise last term.

Now he shows promiscuity, his head turned by the swill of money and agents. Although anyone who’s visited Smethwick surely wouldn’t blame him if he was looking to improve his quality of life.

While Berahino gets all the laughs, Karim Benzema is the ultimate straight man, mainly because he’s not even there.

The exasperation of the Fadges boss over his forwards can only be matched by nonplussed bemusement of the French striker’s social media manager as Internet monitoring reports flood in of Karim’s move to London’s leading pub-based fantasy football league.

Kenna table – week I’m flying to Barcelona in 10 minutes and don’t care


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Author: The chairman

Ascended to the chairmanship of the Jeff Kenna League Fantasy Football League in 2007 after co-founded the league in London in August 2005.

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