Puncheon The Bony Kante 2017/18

Big time Kante: The Puncheon The Bony Kante manager

Name: Kirk (Shropshire)

Twitter name: @KirkMcDowell

Since: 2017

Home ground: Jason Wilfred Road

Training facility: The Engolo

Trophy cabinet: Empty (debut season)

Sympathies: Luton Town

Darts music: Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

What the chalkstripes in Kenna HQ speculations department are saying: A debutante hasn’t won the Kenna for more than decade, no one has ever won the Kenna without attending the auction, put that in your in-play betting spread sheet and smoke it – 500/1

Second transfer window – Friday 4 October 2018

No changes.

First transfer window – Friday 6 October 2017

No changes.

Auction XI (4-5-1)
Remaining budget: £11.5m (average of managers who attended the auction)

Caballero, W CHE  £0.50
Williams, A EVE  £7.00
Danilo MCY  £0.50
Sakho, M LIV  £0.50
Pieters, E STO  £0.50
Lingard, J MUN  £0.50
Iwobi, A ARS  £8.00
Stanislas, J BOU  £5.50
Gray, D LEI  £0.50
Fer, L SWA  £0.50
Gray, A BUR  £0.50


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