Xhaka: the mean talk

GRANIT Xhaka has told police he was the victim of racial abuse just 24 hours before being brought in for questioning over allegations he himself racially abused a Heathrow Airport worker.

In the aftermath of his red card in Sunday’s match, the midfielder claims his Kenna League manager called him a ‘chocolate Swiss’.

Xhaka, an ethnic Kosovo-Albanian, says the emotional distress caused during the heated post-match exchange with the Adam Johnson Fan Club manager led him to call an airport worker a ‘f***ing white b****’ on Monday evening.

The AJFC manager fiercely denied the allegations of racism made to him during a press conference yesterday.

“What I was trying to tell Granit was if he’s always suspended through ill discipline he’s as much use to me as a chocolate Swiss Army knife,” said the manager.

“I’m not racist. I’m not a Nazi. Gold – that’s the standard I set at this club for diversity and inclusion.

“Granit’s flown off the handle before I’ve had a chance to finish the sentence. I’ve managed a lot of foreign players and they tend to do that, but if he thinks he can explain away the Heathrow incident using my post-match comments he’s cuckoo.

“There’s more holes in his argument than a lump of Alpine dairy product.

“He needs to watch it.”

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Narcozep Cup – 24 January 2017

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Kenna table week 21 – 24 January 2017


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