The ‘dzik’ of it

ASTERIX is to blame for my fascination with hunting wild boar.

But with neither the resources nor connections, converting the Gaul’s exploits remained a daydream since childhood. Until I married a Pole.

It turns out my wife’s cousins in northern Poland are big hunters, so while visiting on the weekend I was invited along as an observer in their search for wild boar, or ‘dzik’ (pronounced ‘jeek’ in English).

Joining the party at 7am, the guns and beaters lined up to go through formalities, draw cards from a hat to decide where they would stand for each drive and be serenaded by a hunting horn.

The first couple of drives were dry, but the weather was bright and the lack of prey was small concern to anyone being fed shots of Jagermeister in the back of an Opel Frontera.

Then on the last drive before lunch standing on a track with cousin we heard a rustling ahead in the brush. All of a sudden five ‘dzik’ scurried into view 30 yards to our right. Dark, wet, hairy and not quite fast enough.

A quarter of an hour and much excitement later the whole party was standing around a wild boar being gutted. A fir branch placed in its mouth. Its blood ritually smeared on cousin’s forehead.

After an appropriate repast of ‘dzik’ and cabbage stew the second half of the day was more lively. Cries of ‘dzik! dzik!’ from beaters far off in the undergrowth. More scurrying swine. A short ceremony to celebrate the day’s victories.

Then the real drinking started.

Anyone who has played a drinking game called Centurions will be familiar with the format of a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. It felt like we were playing that with vodka.

Having polished off two bottles between six people we went to drop off the day’s haul in the town cold room.

The time it took to hang the meat was ample to see off another bottle.

Things get hazy after that.

Kenna table week 10

Kenna table week 10 - 1 November 2016
Kenna table week 10 – 1 November 2016
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Easy targets

Gone in a flash: unsigned, in-form players are expected to be snapped up at Friday’s transfer window

NOWHERE is the enterprise and work ethic of the Polish nation in more evidence than this lay-by 100 miles south of the Baltic coast.

Among the lakes and woodlands of Europe’s Great Northern Plain, this blurry lady patiently plies her trade for just, local knowledge maintains, 35 zlotys a time (£7).

While this roadside boudoir, which consists of a green, plastic garden chair for waiting and a forest for everything else, gives both the lonely and the lasivious a secluded liaison, it also offers the more unconventional, shovel-carrying punter plenty of options.

Kenna managers will be hoping that this Friday’s transfer window is just as open a hunting ground, but with up to £10m in bonuses for submitting players to be released by Wednesday’s 12pm deadline and just a handful of desirable footballers available, competition will be fierce.

With the unsigned, in-form talent likely to attract large sums of money, managers may be forced, like the lay-by lady, to focus their efforts mainly on journeymen.

Top-scoring unsigned players

Strikers: Kone, Wigan (39 points), Shane Long, West Brom (36 points), Petric, Fulham (28 points), Di Santo, Wigan (27 points), Ricardo Vaz Te, West Ham (27 points)

Midfielders: Damian Duff, Fulham (35 points), Kightly, Stoke (24 points), McAnuff, Reading (23 points), Kacaniklic, Fulham (23 points), Raheem Sterling, Liverpool (22 points)

Defenders: Reid, West Ham (38 points), Jenkinson, Arsenal (27 points), Mertesacker, Arsenal (25 points), Chris Baird, Fulham (24 points), Kolorov, Man City (22 points)

Goalkeepers: Begovic, Stoke (23 points), Mannone, Arsenal (19 points)

League table

Week 8 - 23 October 2012
Week 8 – 23 October 2012

Weekly scores

Manager Points Goals
1 PSV Mornington El Pons 34 4
2 Hairy Fadjeetas Aiden 31 1
3 Just put Carles Carles 28 2
4 Spartak Mogadishu Abdi 28 2
5 Greendale Rockets Stu 26 3
6 Northern Monkeys Hugo 26 2
7 Still Don’t Know Yet Pete 22 1
8 Sporting Lesbian Ben M 22 1
9 Woking Mike 22 1
10 Lokomotiv Leeds Ben S 20 0
11 Bala Rinas Lewis 19 1
12 Piedmonte Phil 19 0
13 Dynamo Charlton Alex 18 0
14 FC Testicluadew James N 18 0
15 Newington Reds Dudley 17 0
16 Pikey Scum Jack 16 2
17 Judean Peoples’ Front Sholto 16 0
18 Wandsworth Window Lickers Will 12 0
19 Headless Chickens John N 11 0
20 Vasco De Beauvoir Stix 6 0
Points Player
Player of the week 15 Mata, J – CHE – MID
Club PSV Mornington


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Emmanuel Olisadebe Euro 2012 auction night – in pictures

Auction long shot

IN MAY this year 14 intrepid souls gathered in a south London pub ahead of Euro 2012 to take part in a fantasy football auction.

With a budget of £100m, each manager had to buy 11 internationals who they thought would perform the best over three weeks in Poland and Ukraine.

The manager of the team with the most points at the end would claim the prestigious Emmanuel Olisadebe European Cup, collecting a cash prize and the coveted, replica, unofficial Emmanuel Olisadebe Poland shirt.

A bid flies in

The Chairman leads proceedings

Over four hours, exclusively broadcast live on Twitter, participants had to pick their team in a 4-4-2 formation which could not contain more than one player from each country.

Failure to adhere to these rules would lead to the dreaded Titus Bramble ruling – the illegal player is removed and replaced with a forfeit player.

Olisadebe auction

The Chairman and Horn of Africa manager

Managers had to overcome the added challenge of  British round culture. The Albert Arms enjoyed a brisk trade.



The auction became the most controversial in eight years with one manager threatening to resign half way through the evening and another found to be engaged in the heinous act of ‘tactical Brambling’ – deliberately buying an illegal player to give himself a financial advantage late on in proceedings.

The Eurosceptics manager went on to win the tournament after a thrilling final night in Kiev.

Olisadebe auctionOlisadebe auctionOlisadebe auctionOlisadebe auction

Olisadebe auction

Ahead of the English Premier League season, beginning next month, managers will convene to take part in the traditional Kenna auction at another London pub.

The auction is due to be tweeted live @jeffkennaleague.

All photos were kindly taken by World of Tim 2.

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Olisadebe review: the best, the worst, the mediocre

UTOYA ISLAND XI’s back five rocked the record books by failing to register a single point between them for the whole Olisadebe Euro 2012 tournament.

It is the first time in Kenna history that a team’s goalkeeper and four defenders scored nil points in a competition.

The defensive shower of Shay Given, Per Mertesacker, Andrea Ranocchia, Marcus Antonsson and Dejan Lovren either put in an awful shift or didn’t even go to Poland or Ukraine due to form or injury.

“Obviously some of my targets didn’t come off,” said the Utoya manager, whose strike force of Ronaldo and Lovenkrands were named the most mediocre of the contest.

Don’t Know Yet, whose manager was making his debut, had the surprise top strike force of Fernando Torres and Titus Bramble player Georgios Samaras.


Best – The Euroscpetics: 157 points
Worst – Make Party: 76 points


Best – Jordi Alba (The Eurosceptics): 39 points
Worst – Wojciech Szczesny (Testiculadewland), John O’Shea (Just FEMEN): -1 point each

Strike force

Best – Samaras and Torres (Don’t Know Yet): 39 points
Worst – Ben Arfa and Kuyt (Bwing on the Euwos): 5 points
Most mediocre – Ronaldo and Lovenkrands (Utoya Island XI): 24 points (average: 24.21)


Best – Xavi, Pirlo, Gerrard and Veloso (Every Pole’s a Goal): 72 points
Worst – Lampard, Robben, Malouda and Pranjic (Don’t Know Yet): 17 points
Most mediocre – Tziolis, The Ox, Ozil and Konoplyanka (Testiculadewland): 45 points (average: 43.28)


Best – Cech, Alba, Terry, Alves and K Papadopoulos (The Eurosceptics): 85 points
Worst – Given, Mertesacker, Ranocchia, Antonsson and Lovren (Utoya Island XI): 0 (zero) points
Most mediocre – dead heat between Kranjar, Silva, Rosicky and Husyev (Hoodyanika Bolokov), and, de Jong, Khedira, Busquets and Erikson (The Horn of Africa): 45 poins each (average 42.71)

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Eurosceptics win Emmanuel Olisadebe Euro 2012

Honorary girl
Booby prize: Make Party came last

A GOAL and a clean sheet from Jordi Alba handed The Eurosceptics the Emmanuel Olisadebe title in Kiev tonight.

The international debut manager fought off a challenge from controversial Testiculadewland to scoop the £100 cash prize and the replica, imitation, unofficial Emmanuel Olisadebe Poland shirt.

Alba was also the top individual points scorer, earning his gaffer a further £60.

“Now if it could have happened with an Italy win I’d have won the office sweepstake as well!” said the jubilant Euroscpetics boss.

T-land picked up £50 for second place, while Bwing on the Euwos trousered £20 for third.

“I’m faiwly happy with bronze,” said the Bwing on the Euwos manager.

Disappointing Make Party, whose manager won the World Cup in 2012, came last collecting the Olisadebe’s wooden spoon – an ‘Honorary girl’ badge.

“We back go to draw board,” said the Make Party boss.

Full, confirmed results will be published soon.

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Olisadebe showdown – live on Twitter

TONIGHT’S FINAL showdown between The Eurosceptics and Testiculadewlandwill be tweeted live @jeffkennaleague.

Just three points separate the teams, who are vying for honours in the Emmanual Olisadebe European Cup, not to mention winning the coveted unofficial, replica, imitation Poland shirt (with superficial damage).

Neutrals will be hoping leaders The Eurosceptics, represented by Jordi Alba and Antonio Cassano in Kiev, will take the prize.

The T-land manager became the contest’s pantomime villain after unsavoury deception was exposed in the pre-tournament auction.

Italy’s Bonucci and Spain’s Piqué are likely starters for controversial T-land.

In the third-place battle Bwing on the Euwos (Buffon and Ramos) have a four-point advantage over Everybody Gdansk Now‘s Iker Casillas.

Make Party (Maggio) and Utoya Island XI (Ranocchia and Alonso), who share last place going into the game, will both be looking to avoid the wooden spoon.


Players are awarded two points for starting the match, five for scoring a goal, three for an assist and one point for coming on as a sub.

One point is docked for a yellow card, three for a red and three for missing a penalty.

Defenders and goalkeepers get four points for a clean sheet. A point is deducted for two goals scored against their team, two points taken off for three goals and three points for four goals etc.

Goalies collect five points for saving a penalty.

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Cassano holds final key

DESPITE an injury-time penalty from Mesut Özil, The Eurosceptics hold onto a slender lead going into Sunday’s final.

An Antonio Cassano assist was enough to keep a sliver of daylight between the leaders and Testiculadewland.

The boffins at Kenna HQ reckon that a 0-0 or 1-0 win to Italy in Kiev, without Cassano assisting or scoring would hand T-land the title.

Bwing on the Euwos will be hoping for the goalless draw so Buffon and Ramos can secure third place.

Fourth-placed Everybody Gdansk Now’s Casillas will have to save a couple of penalties to challenge.

At the other end Make Party and Utoya Island XI are in a dead heat for last place.

Manager Points Goals
1 The Eurosceptics Alex Bass 144 4
2 Testiculadewland James Norris 141 3
3 Bwing on the Euwos Denney 119 4
4 Everybody Gdansk Now Ben Dudley 115 3
5 Every Pole’s a Goal Seimon Lewis 105 2
6 Just Femen Claire Forysth 100 5
7 The Horn of Africa Abdi Ali 99 4
8 Bunga Bunga Euro Tour John Norris 99 2
9 Hoodunika Bolokov Jack 98 3
10 Just Put Warsaw Carles Duz 97 1
11 Chernobyl Forlov Aiden Brisland 87 4
12 Don’t know yet Pete Ball 84 3
13 Utoya Island 11 Sholto 76 9
14 Make Party Six 76 2

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Sagres back in the fridge


ONE SEMI final down and The Eurosceptics hold the lead by a narrow four-point margin.

Bruno Alves’ penalty miss, so ably assisted by Make Party’s Luis Nani, left the door ajar for Testiculadewland’s Piqué and Contraõ.

Tonight The Eurosceptics’ Cassano and Podolski take on T-lands’ Özil and Bonucci.

The Chalkstripes in Kenna HQ’s speculations dept reckon the thyroid-assisted German/Turkish string puller holds the key.

Manager Points Goals

1 The Eurosceptics Alex Bass 137 4

2 Testiculadewland James Norris 133 2

3 Bwing on the Euwos Denney 117 4

4 Everybody Gdansk Now Ben Dudley 115 3

5 Every Pole’s a Goal Seimon Lewis 102 2

6 Bunga Bunga Euro Tour John Norris 97 2

7 The Horn of Africa Abdi Ali 96 4

8 Just Put Warsaw Carles Duz 96 1

9 Hoodunika Bolokov Jack 95 3

10 Just Femen Claire Forysth 87 3

11 Chernobyl Forlov Aiden Brisland 83 4

12 Don’t know yet Pete Ball 83 3

13 Utoya Island 11 Sholto 76 9

14 Make Party Six 75 2

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Özil takes individual lead

THREE CLEAN sheets and some majestic, quarter final string pulling from Mesut Özil have put Testiculadewland well in contention for the Olisadebe.

The team’s controversial manager, who was found to be deliberately breaking the rules – or ‘tactical Brambling’ – in the pre-tournament auction, now finds himself in second place.

“Piqué, Contraõ and Bonucci put in some fine defensive displays, and to be in this position now even with a gap in the original team is a big plus,” said the Testiculadewland manager, possibly hinting at Karim Benzema’s selection.

Leaders The Eurosceptics head into this week’s semi finals as favourites for the title with Lukas Podolski, Antonio Cassano, Jordi Alba and Bruno Alves all due to start.

At the other end there’s a downright pathetic party being made by the current world champion manager.

With most of the team already thrown out and just Jerome Boateng, Nani, the suspended Maggio and the guys from the chess club playing Xbox in the living room left, the Make Party boss has admitted his festivity planning had been seriously miscalculated.

“We excited for bit because gram-stripper come, but some joker make this roll-poll ebony,” said the Make Party manager, before reading a gift card marked only ‘Chernobyl Forlov‘.


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Sceptical knockout

THE EUROSCEPTICS have emerged from the Euro 2012 group stages as serious contenders for the Olisadebe.

A full 19 points ahead of the pack with seven games to go, the international debutants will be hard to catch, especially with a key player from each of the quarter finalists in their ranks.

“It’s been going well so far, but I’m not taking any risks. These knockout stages can be a bit of a lottery, like signing up to a single currency with a country whose national economy is based on smashing plates,” said the Sceptics manager.

The chalkstripes in Kenna HQ’s speculations department agree on the uncertainty of knockout stages, but assert that the groups have been largely predictable.

In Group A, Czech Republic have European tournament pedigree and Greek phalanx has fought with its customary blunt effectiveness.

Germany dominated Group B and Portugal picked up the rewards of Holland’s customary morale breakdown.

Despite creative midfield flair, Croatia were unable to overcome Spanish dominance and that familiar Italian pragmatism in Group C. Ireland are good at singing.

And in Group D, the two favourites went through with a shouting match in the French dressing room.

So all in all the competition’s been exciting, but pretty much where the chalkstripes said we’d be.

Meanwhile, Chernobyl Forlov’s Mario Gomez leads the individual points scoring total with 24.

Hoodyanika Bolokov’s David Silva is a close second with 20.

In bureaucratic news, the Chairman’s looking forward to watching tonight’s match at a dusty, white-patio-chaired, Portuguese bar later.

“I ate a chicken piri piri for lunch that knocks Nando’s into a cocked hat,” he said.



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